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In addition to our on-site Therapy Center, The Early Start Academy, The DATA Group offers additional services aimed to meet the growing needs of the Autism community. Services may include performing direct ABA-based therapy with students in their own homes or in the community, training parents or caregivers on various behavioral techniques, providing hands-on training to those working with students with autism in school settings, or providing Professional Development workshops for anyone interested in learning more about Autism Spectrum Disorders, applied behavior analysis (ABA), or other behaviorally-based topics.

Center-Based Services

Services include:

  • ABA Therapy in a 1:1 therapist/ student ratio

  • ABA therapy in small group preschool settings

  • Program appropriate for children 18 mos to 5 yrs

  • Opportunities for sibling/community involvement

  • Play-based programs 

  • Language-based programs

  • Social skills focus

  • Parental involvement

Home and Community Services


Services include:


  • Initial and ongoing assessment to identify goals for programming and parent-training

  • Skill acquisition program development and implementation

  • Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)

  • Behavior plan development and implementation

  • Developing, implementing, and training on various data collection systems

  • Analyzing data collected to monitor and track progress

  • Hands-on parent/staff training in behavioral techniques

​School-based Services


Consultation and Training in:​​


  • Classroom management

  • Behavior management

  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

  • Data collection

  • Skills assessment

  • Skill acquisition program development and implementation

  • Behavior plan development and implementation

Professional Development

Workshops include:


  • What is Autism?

  • What is ABA?

  • Implementing Positive Interventions for Children with Behavioral Difficulties in an Inclusive Setting

  • Working Together: Supports and Strategies for the Successful Inclusion of Children with Special Needs

  • Teaching and Facilitating Play and Social Skills

  • Crisis Management Intervention

  • Teaching with Activity Schedules

  • Developing Effective Behavioral Interventions

  • Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)

  • Shaping/Chaining/Prompting

  • Incidental Teaching

  • Discrete Trial Instruction

  • Differential Reinforcement


Other trainings can be tailored to meet specific needs.

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