About Us

The DATA Group is a consultation firm offering applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to families and individuals impacted by 


The goal of The DATA Group is to provide comprehensive behavioral services on-site at our Therapy Center, in the home, community, or school environments.


The philosophy of The DATA Group is that every person in the child's environment working together will maximize the potential for success.

Our Directors

Tara Sheerin Executive Director

M.Ed. /  BCBA 


Tara Sheerin received her Ed.M. in Special Education and BCBA from Rutgers University. As an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology, she began her work with children with autism through a fieldwork course at the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center (DDDC); having found her passion, she joined the DDDC staff first as an assistant teacher, then as a supervising preschool teacher.  Branching into the public school sector, Tara practiced for six years in a public school district as a behavioral consultant; there, she was responsible for the development and oversight of a preschool through second grade ABA program. 

Through her 10 years as Executive Director of the DATA Group, her work has focused on providing home and community based services for children with developmental disabilities aimed on acquiring appropriate language, play, leisure, self-help, and social skills in the home/community environment with the goal of increasing children's independence and successful participation in daily family and community life. 


Early intervention for young children with Autism (birth through 5) has been an area of intense interest and focus of her work.  In June 2018 the DATA Group opened its doors to Early Start Academy, a best practice Early Intervention Center for young children with Autism.  Tara’s main role as the Director of Early Start Academy is developing early intervention programs for children that provide high quality best practice behavioral services.  The outcome of services provided is to decrease the core symptoms of Autism and increase children’s abilities to learn and function in their natural environments independently.  Tara is also a certified Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) Therapist and has completed her training in ESDM at the University of California, Davis. 

Craig Domanski
Clinical Director

Ph.D. / BCBA-D

Craig Domanski, Ph.D., BCBA-D has been working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders using ABA for almost 20 years. He received his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University while working at the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center. Dr. Domanski then went on to receive his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis at Caldwell University, where his research focused on parent-training and optimizing teaching conditions for learners with ASD.


Dr. Domanski co-founded and has been serving as the Clinical Director of The DATA Group for almost 10 years. The DATA Group is an NJDOE-approved agency for ABA service delivery, focusing primarily on using ABA programming to build skills towards increasing independence in the home and community environments. By implementing programs in learners’ actual natural environments, generalization and maintenance of skills is more likely, and there are more opportunities for training caregivers and providing support for families where they need it most.


Aside from his work in The DATA Group, Dr. Domanski also currently serves as the Chair for the NJABA Insurance Provider Workgroup, which aims to disseminate information about providing services through health insurance plans to the behavior-analytic community. He is an active member of NJABA, ABAI, and APBA and has served as an adjunct lecturer at Georgian Court University and Kaplan University. Dr. Domanski places a high value on the importance of promoting the science of ABA to both the behavior-analytic and mainstream communities and will bring that same dedication to the Representative-at-Large position.


Our Offerings

The DATA Group offers clinical expertise in evidence-based behavioral strategies. It is our responsibility to recommend and implement interventions that have been empirically-validated through peer-reviewed research.

Our Mission

The mission of The DATA Group is to provide supports for individuals and families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders in order to make meaningful progress towards independent living and decrease core symptoms of Autism.  

Our Vision

Our vision for The DATA Group is to continuously strive to improve the lives of our clients and their families with the use of best practice ABA techniques.  

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