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These are some of our favorite books, assessments, and other materials.

Applied Behavior Analysis (Cooper, Heron, & Heward)

Teaching Language to Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities (Sundberg & Partington)


VB-MAPP: Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (Sundberg)


ABLLS-R: Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills - Revised (Partington)


AFLS: Assessment of Functional Living Skills (Partington & Mueller)


Individualized Goal Selection Curriculum (Romanczyk)


Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism: A Manual for Parents and Professionals (Maurice, Green, & Luce)


Making a Difference: Behavioral Intervention for Autism (Maurice, Green, & Foxx)


How to Manage Behavior Series (Hall & Hall)

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